Decatur Township Assessor

Frequently Asked Questions

Why has the value of my property increased when I haven't done anything to it for many years ?

Improving your home is not the only factor taken into consideration in determining property value, or market value. How many houses are for sale, improving neighborhoods, and inflation can also affect the value of your property. Even though your house isn't for sale, it can be worth more because of these conditions.

Why do similar houses in different neighborhoods have different assessments ?  

Market values vary, causing houses to be valued differently. Real estate market conditions are the cause of market values being different. Location plays an important part in establishing market value. A home’s general location, distance from schools and commercial facilities, quality of the surrounding neighborhood and its amenities are examples of the factors that could cause a purchaser to pay more for a home in one neighborhood than in another.

Why are my taxes so high ? 

The job of the Assessor is to estimate the value of your property to 33 1/3% of its market value, not to produce your property tax bill. The amount of taxes is determined by the voters, the municipalities, school boards, police and fire departments, and other taxing bodies in the area.

Does the Assessor raise my assessment if I do normal maintenance on my house ?

Most normal maintenance of the home will not raise the assessment (i.e., painting your home or replacing your roof). Additions to your home, decks or porches, in ground swimming pools, etc., will add value to your home and may increase the assessment.

How do I appeal my assessment ? 

The best place to start is by contacting the Decatur Township Assessor's Office. We will listen to why you feel there is a problem with the assessment, and explain our position. We can clear up most problems, but if you are still not satisfied, a complaint may be filed with the Macon County Board of Review.

When I get my tax bill, is it too late to complain ?

In most cases yes, it is too late to appeal for that assessment year, unless you have already filed with the Board of Review. You can always come in and talk with our staff for the current assessment year.

If I purchase my home for more than it is assessed, will my assessment be increased to the sale price ?

Not necessarily. Often amenities are listed by a Realtor that the Assessor has no record of.  For example, a finished basement, extra bath, fireplace, or remodeling of your home. The assessment would be increased to reflect the value added by those improvements.  Usually, properties are studied in neighborhoods, not individually. There would be a cause for an increase in your assessed value if other sales in your neighborhood are higher than yours.  There would be an imbalance created in your neighborhood If the Assessor was to increase individual assessments because of sales.

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These are some of the more commonly asked questions by our property owners. Please feel free to contact us with any others you may need answered.