Decatur Township Assessor

About Our Philosophy and Staff

Our top priorities will always be:

1) To administer accurate, fair and uniform property assessments and

2) To provide high quality and friendly customer service for the taxpayers of Decatur Township.

We will make every effort to provide information you need related to your property assessment. You are welcome to contact us in person at the Decatur Township Assessor’s Office (1620 S. Taylorville Rd, Decatur), call us at (217) 428-3479, email us at, or use this website. We welcome the opportunity to serve you!


Our staff includes Certified Illinois Assessment Officials (C.I.A.O.), many of whom have extensive experience in the field of property assessment and have a unique understanding of the real estate market conditions within Decatur Township. Market conditions ultimately determine the value of your property, and our staff is committed to making sure that your assessment is both fair and equitable.

Chief Deputy Assessor, Sherry Padgett, C.I.A.O.  Sherry started working at the Township Assessor’s Office in 2014 and holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, In addition to her assessing duties, Sherry is the liaison between the assessment software designers and our office. Her other responsibilities include computer maintenance and support; maintaining and updating our website; preparing and updating data into a useable form for the Assessor and staff to analyze; and HR duties. Additionally, Sherry is a Notary Public.

Senior Deputy Assessor, Karen Mowry, C.I.A.O.  Karen started her assessing career over 35 years ago with the county, and has been with the Township Assessor’s Office since 1995. Karen’s specialty is residential assessing. She is also responsible for maintaining all sales records for Decatur Township, property record card maintenance, BOR appeal work, and helping our residents with the soft appeal process. She has 785 hours of continuing education hours. Karen is also a Notary Public.

Senior Deputy Assessor, Shardee’ Pugh, C.I.A.O. Shardee‘ has been with the Township Assessor’s Office since 2009, and is responsible for residential & commercial property assessing and appeal work. Additionally, she is an expert with drawings in our Visual PAMSPro system. She has 135 hours of continuing education credit.

Senior Deputy Field Assessor, Shaun McFadden. Shaun has been with the Township Assessor’s Office since 2014. In addition to performing field work and updating photos, sketches and information in our Visual PAMSPro system, Shaun is responsible for overseeing the work done by our field assessors.


Deputy Field Assessor, Jeremyn Brown. Jeremyn is responsible for performing field work, including validating information on our Property Record Cards, recording measurements, taking current photos of all property, and confirming permit work. Additionally, he updates photos, sketches and information in our Visual PAMSPro system.




The Decatur Township Assessment Staff

Our commitment to you and your needs is our primary function !